With an expanded story-line, multiplayerand coop battles,and much more!

New Enthralling Story!

The Maker’s Gate has been opened,and the creatures it once held imprisoned are now free! These Ancients, beasts more powerful than anything we have ever faced, have taken over the Empire’s arenas! Our once Great Champion, the One… is no more. But, as the prophecy mentions, a Second Savior will liberate the Empire once again. Will you be the one? Or should we say the two?

No longer Rogue-like!

Just an Epic RPG! Tired of losing your beloved champion after dying? Angry at having to start all over again once defeated? Yes, as does the Game Developer! Gladiator Rising II is now, simply put, an Epic Turn-Based RPG! You get to keep your gladiator!

Online PVPand Coop

Build your Gladiatorand progress through the Ranks! Once you feel strong enough, the Online Arena awaits! Once unlocked, the true battle! Choose your game mode,and battle it out, live! Current online modes include Solo 1vs1, 2vs2and 3vs3! Feel like going trying out a challenging endurance battle? Coop mode is there too! Fight a horde of enemies, creatures, bosses, you name it!

New Spells/Abilities/Summons

And more! Summon creatures to aid you! Mind control rats! Set your targets on fire or freeze them! Shield your allies or weaken your enemies, the possibilities are endless! It’s up to you to find the best spell combination for your championand your team!

Item Crafting!

Crafting equipment!? You bet! Your forge not only lets you upgradeand repair equipment, but also lets you craft a myriad of items! From equipment to potions! What about enchanting weaponsand amours? Of course, provided you have the right orb!

New Classes

The fans have spoken! And the Developer has heard them! Gladiator Rising II now has an extended class system! Choose between one of six unique classes! You may now choose between Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Barbarian, Shaman,and Hunter! Furthermore, each class has a second-tier class. Your warrior can now choose the path of Paladin or Knight! Your Rogue can now become an Assassin or Ninja!


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